Autumn Race Roundup

Here is a roundup of all of the Harriers race results from Autumn 17 (September-November).

You know summer is coming to an end when the Run the Exe 5k summer series draws to a close. The last race in the series took place on the evening of Tuesday 5th September. Six Harriers took part and achieved the following times:

Jay Andrews 19.05
Alan Ledger 19.44
Will Spencer 20.35
Bradley Hewitt 20.45
Phil Spencer 21.43
Jeff Curd 22.13

Soon after the final standings for the series were announced and congratulations went to Alan, Richard, Phil, Jeff, Len and Will for the following category results:

Alan Ledger 4th M35+
Richard Kemp 2nd M45+
Phil Spencer 4th M50+
Jeff Curd 6th M50+
Len O’Connell 2nd M60+
Will Spencer 3rd MU17

Some Harriers have switched their attention to another series of races, the Westward League Cross Country fixture which kicked off on 8th October in Stover followed by the second fixture taking place in Newquay on 12th November. Anyone interested in taking part in this series can find the remaining fixture dates here. The Harriers results for the October and November fixtures are as follows:

October, Stover 6 mile course
Alan Ledger, 44.26
Jeff Curd, 49.52

November, Newquay 5.2 mile course
Ben Stone 32.38
Alan Ledger 37.11

Another series which some Harriers have taken part in is the North Devon Cross Country League details of fixtures here. Ben Stone took part in the first fixture in Bideford and completed the 5k course in 21.20 earning him 1st place. Alan Ledger took part in the third fixture at Coxleigh Barton, completing the just over 5k course in 25.35 placing him 6th overall.

Congratulations must go to the 3 Harriers who completed the marathon distance this autumn achieving the following results:

Barnstaple Marathon, 24th September
Richard Potter 3.12.37 (PB by 18 mins) – 15th overall

Bournemouth Marathon, 7th October
Hannah Brown, 4.43.17.

Dublin Marathon, 29th October
Jeff Curd, 3.55.11

We also had quite a lot of half marathon results come in with some really fantastic times and PB’s being achieved;

Bridgwater Half Marathon, 3rd September
Jeff Curd, 1.41.30 (PB)
Hannah Brown, 1.56.58 (PB)

Great North Run, 10th September
Kat Humphreys, 1.40.24
Tamsin Phelvin, 1.54.06 (PB)

Truro Half Marathon, 17th September
Alan Ledger, 1.42.29 (8 minute improvement on the same course last year)

Killerton Half Marathon, 24th September
Matt Melksham 2.30.04
Sean Gabbey 2.50.22

Barnstaple Half Marathon, 24th September
Graham Willis, 1.23.36 – 6th overall

Cheltenham Half Marathon, 1st October
Serane Stone 1.22.22 (2nd lady)
Richard Potter 1.27.32 (PB)

Burnham on Sea Half Marathon, 1st October
Kevin Squibb, 1.19.29 (1st overall)
Martin Brace, 1.30.03
Mary Humphries, 1.58.16, 1st FV65 category

Great West Run, 15th October
Simon White, 1.23.14
Kevin Squibb, 1.24.45
Graham Willis, 1.25.23
Martin Brace, 1.27.41
Jay Andrews, 1.29.27
Alan Ledger, 1.36.28
John Dean, 1.58.17
Sean Gabbey, 2.14.18

Well done to all Harriers who completed an autumn half and/or full marathon.

The autumn also saw a lot of options for those wanting to race the 10 mile distance with plenty of choice between road, track and cross country. Starting with the Great South Run on October 22nd:

Serane Stone, 1.01.58
Jonathan Weighell, 1.38.06

Bideford 10 Miler on 5th November saw a fantastic turn our from the Harriers and some great results:

Kevin Squibb, 1.00.21 (3rd M40)
Serane Stone, 1.00.56 (1st F40)
Graham Willis, 1.01.27
Martin Brace, 1.04.38
Kerry Roberts, 1.04.45 (2nd M55)
James Morrison, 1.07.18
Len O’Connell, 1.13.53 (2nd M60)
Kevin Butt, 1.13.56
Ruth Hyland, 1.22.19
Jonathan Weighell, 1.31.38
Mary Humphries, 1.31.47 (2nd F65)
Katrina Vos, 1.36.37

The Templer 10 also took place on the 5th November, Ben Stone was the only Harrier taking part and he was 2nd M35 in a time of 1.04.11.

The Drogo 10 took place on 12th November:-
Kevin Squibb 1.06.13 (2nd M40)
Graham Willis 1.09.48
Martin Brace 1.15.44 (3rd M45)
James Morrison 1.18.24
Len O’Connell 1.25.35 (3rd M60)

Lastly, the Bicton Blister and Blister Lite took place on 26th November;

Bicton Blister (approx 10 miles off road)
Ben Stone 1.05.00
Kevin Squibb 1.05.38
Martin Brace 1.13.19
Len O’Connell 1.19.44
Luke Holway 1.30.15
Richard Kemp 1.32.00
John Dean 1.44.56
Sean Gabbey 1.59.29

Blister Lite (approx. 4.5 miles off road)
Jasmine Stone 36.15
Katrina Vos 47.10

We also had some great 10k results coming in firstly at the Bridgwater 10k on 3rd September with Alan Ledger completing the course in 41.52 (PB) and Terry Fullick in 56.27 (PB). There were two 10k events taking place on 24th September, the Killerton 10k and Taunton 10k. Results for each are as follows:

Killerton 10k
Jay Andrews, 49.19 – 6th overall
Terry Fullick, 1.11.13

Taunton 10k
Kevin Squibb, 35.07 – 2nd overall
Serane Stone, 37.37 – 1st lady
Martin Brace, 40.32
Alan Ledger, 41.51 (PB)
Hannah Brown, 52.25

Lastly a couple of lesser known/more unusual 10k’s took place on the weekend of 15th/16th October. Mrs E’s Wheeze 10k, an off road race near Lyme Regis, which Ben Stone completed in 41.38 finishing 3rd place overall and the River Dart 10k obstacle mud run which Kevin Butt completed in 1.05.28 also coming 3rd place.

There was more cross country action in the Exmoor Stagger (18 miles) and Stumble (approx. 10k) on 22nd October and the South Molton Struggle (7.8 miles) the following weekend on 29th October. The results were as follows:

Exmoor Stagger
Kevin Squibb, 2.02.48 (3rd overall, 2nd M40)
Chris Gill, 2.05.23 (8th overall)
Graham Willis, 2.12.42 (14th overall)
Simon White, 2.21.05 (6th M45)
Kerry Roberts, 2.23.17 (2nd M55)
James Morrison, 2.25.49 (5th M40)
Mark Hussell, 2.56.36

Exmoor Stumble
Theresa Butchers 1.06.55 (4th F55)

South Molton Struggle
Kevin Squibb, 49.22 (1st overall)
Graham Willis, 52.16
Simon White. 55.29 (2nd V45)
Martin Brace, 56.51
Richard Potter, 56.57
James Morrison, 57.53 (3rd V40)
Alan Ledger, 59.22 (2min improvement on last year)
Theresa Butchers, 1.20.38 (1st V65)

Congratulations to the Harriers men who won the team prize.

There was more mud and hills for Ben Stone racing in the Minster Challenge on 1st October in Axminster where Ben finished in 7th place in 54.10.

Another multi terrain event, the Coombe Crawler took place on 26th November. Two Harriers took on the 8.5 mile course, Teresa Butchers, 1.39.02, 1st F65 and Terry Fullick, 1.43.37, 5th M55.

Alan Ledger ran in the off road Brent Knoll Loop Race on 26th November finishing the hill and muddy course in 47.27.

James Morrison has had a good season on the fells taking part in the following races;
Grisedale Horseshoe Fell Race, Saturday 2nd September (9.9 miles; 5003ft), 2hrs48:35 (66th out of 140)
Loweswater Show Fell Race, Sunday, 3 September (2.6 miles; 1001ft), 33:24 (27th out of 42)
Black Mountains Race (Brecon Beacons), Saturday 30th September (17 miles, 5,200ft of ascent), 3hrs33:58 (19th out of 55).
Tour of Pendle Fell Race, Saturday 18th November (16.8 miles; 4,833ft ascent), 3.18.22 (157th out of 433).

Harriers have also embraced the darker evenings and taken part in some night runs. Run From The Romans on 25th November, Alan Ledger (5 miles) 40.49 (3rd overall) and Jeff Curd (10 miles) 1.37.25 and Haldon Night Run on 4th November which offered a 5k and 10k course. Alan Ledger and Hannah Brown took part in the 5k, Alan finishing in 18.48 coming 2nd overall and Hannah finishing in 23.13. Richard Kemp ran in the 10k race finishing in 55.09.

Onto the shorter distances, Richard Potter had an excellent result at the Bristol Mo 5k Run on 11th November coming 1st place in a time of 21.12. Several Harriers took to the track on 20th November to run the 3k distance with the following results:

Serane Stone, 10.36 (14th race A)
Alan Ledger, 11.21 (13th race B)
Richard Potter, 10.36 (1st race C)
Lauren Burd, 11.37 (7th race C)
Kevin Butt, 11.45 (3rd race D)
Jeff Curd, 12.29 (7th race D)

Lastly a mention for our du-athletes and triathletes who competed in the following races this autumn;

Osprey Triathlon (Portland), 1st October
Alan Ledger 1.04.53 (S 4.31, B 36.26, R 22.18)

Dartington Duathlon, 29th October

Sprint distance (R1 5k, B 20k, R2 2.5k)
Walter Andrews, 1.27.41 (24.15, 48.15, 13.42) – 2nd MVint age category
Hannah Brown, 1.31.12 (27.50, 46.20, 14.49) – 6th FSen age category

Standard distance (R1 10k, B 40k, R2 5k)
Len O’Connell, 2.59.17 (49.20, 1.38.51, 27.22) – 3rd MVint age category

There have also been some fantastic Parkrun results over the autumn months – too many to mention but well done to everyone who has run.

Good luck to all Harriers with your 2018 running plans and happy new year!

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