Training Regime

2. Speedwork

When we start out as a runner all we focus on is how many miles can I manage. Setting off at the same pace and doing a little bit more each time. This is fine for building fitness and loosing weigh but if your hoping to get quicker it could take a very long time. Speed work is by far the most effective way to increase your overall pacing and improve your cardio vascular system. All elite runners incorporate speed work in their training routines for these reasons. Any athletes that come along to our Tuesday night sessions will know what I’m talking about, without exception we have all increased our pace and seen our pbs get blown away. It also really helps fine tune technique which is one of the most important parts of running efficiently.
Come along and see how much you will benefit from speed work, you don’t need to be an elite athlete, in fact a novice would take more advantage from regular speed work.
That’s it harriers, out of any type of exercise, especially running, speed work gives you the opportunity to feel supported by the coach & the other runners. Regardless of coming in first or last, we’re all in it together which helps to push just that little bit more.



1.The 5% Project.

This covers the 5 areas o our lives that affects our performance.
Basically we want to see a 5% improvement over the next 4 months. For example, if your 10k PB is 50 mins, you could take 2.30 min off! To achieve this we will work on improving 5 areas by 1%, the end result an overall 5% gain.
The 5 areas area:
  • Speed work.
  • Endurance.
  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Lifestyle
  • Rest.
We shall start with, for runners, the hardest area. REST.
Once you crossed the line and become addicted to running the one thing you want to do is put on your trainers and run every day. When your young you can cope with this to a point but even elite runners take rest days.
A rest day doesn’t just mean stay in bed all day, far from it. Rest days can be used for Pilates, weight training, swimming etc. It’s actually a rest day from running. although I would say that a complete day off is no bad thing, especially as you get older.
Cycling, just beware with this one because like running it can take over and you will have to put in lots of miles on a bike to really improve.
So the message is – Train smart my fellow harriers, enjoy the fact that a brief change in exercise type, or even a complete break can actually make you faster!
Any questions, queries, concerns, please have a chat with Steve & get the facts.

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