Senior Section

The Seniors are from 18 years old and you should be confident in your ability to run for half an hour, speed or time it takes, doesn’t make any  difference. You don’t have to be fast to run with us. We will help you to improve your distance, time and fitness. There are a mixture of abilities within the club so you will never be left to run on your own.

In the Winter me meet on a Tuesday night at 6.15pm and on a Thursday night at 6.00pm at Heathcoat Factory Westexe, Tiverton. During the summer some of the training involves speed work on the Track at either Blundell’s or Tiverton High School sports fields, but these are subject to availability of the track.

Tuesday night training concentrates on speed or Hill work of varying distances and terrain whereas Thursday nights are more for different distance runs. These are usually divided into 4, 6 or 8 mile runs.

If you are interested in coming to see how our training evenings go please contact Steve Sirdefield on 01884 253167, or Rory Carr or just turn up to one of the sessions, we would love to see you.

If  you are interested in being a Coach or already a coach, we would love to see you. Once you have joined the Tiverton Harriers we would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Membership for a Year with EA registration costs £25 and without £15 and is due the end of January. From 2018 we will move to an April membership renewal.

If you join within the year please discuss with the coaches on how much you pay.


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