Tiverton Harriers is one of the oldest running and athletic clubs in the area.

We are here to help you improve your fitness mainly though running. The Junior part of the club also looks at some field events but mainly focuses on running.

Tiverton Harriers has two groups, The Senior section, which starts at ages 18 plus. As long as you can run for around 30mins doesn’t matter what speed or time it takes you. There will always be someone who will run with you.

Our training nights are 18.15 hrs on Tuesdays and 18.00 hrs Thursdays at Heathcoat Factory, Tiverton. During the summer some of the training involves speed work on the Track at either Blundell’s & Tiverton High School sports fields, but these are subject to availability of the track.

THe Junior Section, is from 8 years of age, again all abilities welcome. The Junior team is full of many good athletes, who have potential and could go further, this club helps the Juniors become more sporting minded.

All club members can also buy jackets, vest and t-shirts from the club.

All our training sessions are coached with  professional coaches from level 1 upwards.

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