Tiverton Harriers

Code of Conduct

We have created the Club Code of Conduct as a way to make sure that all club activities are carried out in a safe and responsible way for the protection of both our athletes and leaders. In becoming a member of Tiverton Harriers and partaking in Club activities, you must agree to abide by the code of conduct laid out in this page.

Athletes Code of Conduct

As a member of the Club, you are required to abide by the UK Athletics and HCAF Senior Ahtletes Code of Conduct. This can be viewed online at:

From these Codes of Conduct, there are a few we would like to draw your attention to and a few additional points that we require you to adhere to:-

You must treat all other athletes and leaders as you would like to be treated. Everyone must be treated with respect. The leaders provide their time voluntarily. Any abuse whatsoever will not be tolerated.

For issues relating to the club or sessions, please respect our leaders’ private time and do not send private messages to individual leaders. If you would like to send a message, you must contact the Tiverton Harriers account on Facebook, or send an email to tivertonharriers@hotmail.com.

Whilst we strongly encourage our members to meet-up and run outside of Harriers’ sessions, any groups organised without a Harriers leader or coach is not covered by our insurance and must never be considered or presented as an official Tiverton Harriers session.

The leaders and coaches of the Club also have to adhere to the UK Athletics and HCAF Coaches Code of Conduct, this can be viewed online:

Club Session Behaviour

You must stop and listen when a leader is giving session instructions. Do not talk whilst instructions are being given.

You must respect the instructions that the leader/coach sets out at the start of the session. This includes the session structure, route, distance, pacing, groups etc. These have been designed for your safety and to be as inclusive as possible. If you decide not to follow the instructions, then you will be considered to have left the session and you do so at your own risk.

If you need to leave a session, through injury or any other reason, you must let a leader know you are leaving the session so that we are not looking for you.

Health and Safety

Only attend Club sessions if you are fit and well, and you are confident that you will be able to complete the session.

You must make sure to follow the Highway Code. You must run on pavements where possible and do not make risks with traffic when crossing roads and use recognised road crossings where possible.

In dark conditions, you must wear high-visibility clothes so that you are visible to other road users including vehicles, cyclist and pedestrians etc.

Be honest about your ability and change group where appropriate. Take on recommendations that the leaders give to you.

Continue to follow the instructions and orders given by the leader during the run.

The Club maintains an emergency contact ICE database in case of emergencies. It is your responsibility to provide us with up-to-date emergency contact details. You may wish to carry additional ICE details with you. Run leaders will carry or have access to a mobile phone.